To the editor,

Until earlier this year, I was a lifelong resident of Atlantic Highlands and I’ve grown up very much involved with the political landscape of our town. My family and I were always very close with Lou Fligor and his family and through that closeness I learned very quickly that dirtiness and scandal are necessary facets of politics. I’ve experienced the stolen lawn signs and viral videos but I have never seen it as rampant as it’s been throughout this campaign...from someone who’s not even running. It’s not the candidates who are the problem; it’s the sore losers who couldn’t accept that the Republicans of Atlantic Highlands had a better candidate in mind.

I’m sure you’ve all read the letter from a “young voter” who expressed her very obvious, yet unfounded, disdain for Jack Archibald; the “young voter” who spat out dooming language at a desperate attempt to do right by her father. This particular piece of propaganda is just another thing to add to the pile of delusion that the Fligor/Rast duo started building earlier this year.

My family and I have seen the Fligor’s in their truest form over the last 8 months. People who we once considered very close friends, who took a very active part in my wedding, who celebrated holidays with us every year, got caught up in a little middle school-esque he-said/she-said and dismissed us altogether. An unsubstantiated claim led them to believe that – wait for it - we weren’t supporting Lou Fligor for mayor. Oh no, it couldn’t be! This was not even a decision that had been made by my family so early on in the race and we still have no idea where they heard it from. My guess is that they conjured it up from the dark, dangerous terrain of their minds. My family and I were given no chance to explain, no REAL reason as to why they thought we were committing such betrayal. In an attempt to make things right, my family tried to sit down with the Fligors and discuss everything like adults. Mrs. Fligor couldn’t even explain to us where she heard such a rumor; in fact, she very near lost her mind during this conversation. A new side to her was revealed, a scary side, a side that has no business being the First Lady of Atlantic Highlands. A “friendship” of 20 years was so quickly poured down the drain without even a hint of an explanation.

One particularly interesting piece to the puzzle is this quote from the “young voter” in her letter: “ I’ve seen everything from the campaigning, to the speeches, to the debates, to being slandered by people who my family and I thought were once close friends. All of this I can excuse because being in politics and holding a political position it is bound to happen. When you don’t listen to a certain voice, which thinks they have an exorbitant amount of power, they tend to write you off for having your own opinions.” It’s funny because that is exactly what they did to my family. Not just my family, but anyone who voiced their support for Mr. Archibald. The Fligors are puppets of the Rast agenda and they have fallen right into the trap. The scariest part is just how naïve they are.

Delusional is a word I always come back to when I think of Mr. Fligor. Even now, with no shot at the Mayor’s seat, Lou Fligor and his band of brothers cannot accept that he just wasn’t qualified for the job. Why is he trying so hard to bring down Jack? Why the smearing, why the games? Talk about politics as usual. The Democrats should be embarrassed to have Lou’s endorsement.

Given the nature of Mr. Fligor’s conduct throughout the campaigning, it’s very clear to me now that not only was he unqualified for the job, he is the furthest thing from loyal - to his constituents, his party, and his friends. If they turned their back so quickly on the Republicans, just imagine how insincere is administration would have been. Who wants a teenager running this town? Certainly not you, certainly not me.

Cast your votes on Tuesday and cast them wisely.

Thank you,

Brittany Shann - Giandonato
formerly Atlantic Highlands, NJ