I can't understand what the people of Highlands - particularly the Mayor and Council members - don't understand about nonpartisan government?  There are to be no defined political party affiliations and each candidate is to run as an individual.  I suppose you can run as a "pair" but it is my understanding that there can be no reference to a party affiliation.  I remember at the meeting immediately following the passage of the nonpartisan referendum Mayor Nolan expressed the opinion that he thought it was a wonderful opportunity to give every one a chance to run without the encumbrance of party affiliation.  

Now at the eleventh hour he writes a letter as a Republican Mayor asking the people of Highlands to vote for the 2  incumbent Democratic Council members. Where is the nonpartisanship that he thought was so wonderful.  Of course their signs do not declare that they are Democrats but one of the "partners" was endorsed by the Monmouth County Democratic Party Chairman and the Highlands Democratic chair has certainly been campaigning for them.  As a matter of fact 4 of the candidates are registered democrats and 1 is undeclared but 3 have chosen to run independently as nonpartisans because it was the wish of the people of Highlands who voted for the nonpartisan referendum.

The literature received on behalf of the incumbent Democrats yesterday was sent from an erroneous address there is no 238 Bayshore Drive in Highlands, as a matter of fact there is no Bayshore Drive in Highlands.  The first 3 projects have to be done because of the storm and certainly should have been taken care of long before the weeks immediately preceding the election especially the Community Center.  The streetscape grant was not their original idea and was initiated by the BID in 2000-2003.

Project 6, the electrical work at veterans park.  One "old time" veteran has been asking to have the flags lighted at night, as is the law of the land, at veterans park for 10 or more years but they never could seem to accommodate him.  They lit the statues but never the flags. And of course the repairing of the electric has to be done anyway because of Superstorm Sandy.

Please recognize the farcicality of the recent letter and information distributed by the Mayor and the 2 incumbent council people and vote for Highlands.  My choice is Claudette D'Arrigo and Carolyn Broullon truly independent candidates who care.



Carol Bucco

Highlands, NJ