Dear AH Arts Council members and supporters,

  Since the inception of the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council as a 501-3c charitable organization in 2005, I have been an active volunteer and can attest to the non-partisan collaboration of everyone involved from the Council's Board of Directors, to the Co-Chairs of the FilmOneFest, and to the many dedicated fund raising volunteers who have helped make this organization a success. 

   As both the Democratic candidate for mayor of Atlantic Highlands and the party's Municipal Chair, I would like to clarify our position on the mailing you received from the Bayshore Democratic Alliance. This Middletown-based organization is a political PAC that operates independent of our local and Monmouth County Democratic Committee.

   Legally they are free to distribute literature and comment on issues without our knowledge. They used a cropped photo of Roy Dellosso from a piece of our campaign literature. The "Spotlight on: AH Arts Council" that appeared on the front page was done without the knowledge, or permission of the Arts Council. 

    I do not want this publication to adversely affect your support of the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council and the wonderful programs they have created that enrich our community.


Rhonda "Randi" Le Grice


Mrs. Le Grice is a candidate for Mayor of Atlantic Highlands