Apparently Tara Ryan has arranged for a candidate debate at HHRS on October 26, 2015 for all candidates running for office in Highlands.  She has appointed Rosemary Ryan ("no relation as the moderator"). 

No real objection to that, except Rosemary may have a connection with Tara Ryan as they both are serving or have served on Boards of Education, and I believe are presently involved in the Tri-District committee.  I understand that other moderators, who have served as debate moderators in previous Highlands election debates, have volunteered, but Tara said no one else was available. 

Rosemary decides to select 3 people to vet the questions that will be presented.  One of the persons chosen is Rebecca Kane whom is supposedly the campaign manager for 2 candidates who are, or are not, running under the auspices of a particular political party in a nonpartisan election.  One of these candidates has been endorsed by the County Democratic Party (I'm not sure that is legal in a nonpartisan election).  If I were a candidate I certainly would not want to participate since it has all of the appearances of a bias witch hunt orchestrated by Rebecca Kane.

I also understand that  the 5th candidate Bill Caizza has not agreed to participate.  If all candidates cannot participate then the debate should not take place.  My recollection is that when these candidates ran 3 years ago they did not want to debate so no debate was held. Now with nine days to go they suddenly have arranged a debate or better yet a forum.  I wonder why?

Carol Bucco