Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you for considering me as your future Borough Council Representative. I am excited about the opportunity and I am up for the challenge. However, I know that to be elected I have to earn your vote by demonstrating why a vote for me provides a better future for Atlantic Highlands.

We live in a beautiful town in an ideal location - on the water, close to the beach and within view of New York City. We have the potential to be a town to which others aspire, but we have work to do.

  • Our harbor has to work better for the town financially and recreationally
  • The business environment must be made more attractive to help revitalize First Avenue and the commercial districts
  • Our schools, while getting better, need be considered peers of the best schools in the region - without breaking the budget
  • For those people who come to our town to fish or commute via ferry, Atlantic Highlands should become a place where they choose to linger instead of just passing through.

My experience on the Environmental Commission in town and managing the relationship with the Board of Public Utilities for New Jersey Natural Gas provides me a great foundation for driving the changes necessary to address the issues. I understand how government works, and more importantly, how to work within its constraints to make real progress. The keys are relationships, organization and follow through - areas where I excel.

As the only woman and person under 40 on the Council, I will offer a unique perspective that I believe will serve to make our town better. I have fresh new views, a passion for action and am willing to be held accountable by the results that we will achieve.

Thank you for your consideration and your vote. I look forward to being your representative in 2016!


France Karras