Dear Editor

I would like to respond to Republican candidate Jim Krauss’s letter.

His first point is out of control spending.  Jack Archibald has been on the Council for 20 years, and the Republicans have been the majority for all but 2 of those 20 years.  It is true that there has been out of control spending and Republicans are responsible for that. 

With regard to the Harbor, Jane Frotton, former Harbor Commissioner and Chair of the AH Republican Party, has been in control of the Harbor for years.  Jane and Jack were in charge of the rebuilding of the Harbor after Sandy and mistakes were made that will cost the taxpayers, such as the Yacht Club dock. A The Harbor has great potential to bring in revenue, and those in charge of the Harbor seem to be lacking vision to enhance our harbor.   For example, what can we change so more boaters will visit and stay here while traveling along the Atlantic coast? 

Jack Archibald has been on Council for 20 years without an extraordinary record.   Jim Krauss is incorrect if he believes there might be ‘fresh ideas and new directions’ with a Republican win.  We will have the "same old, same old".  Should the republicans win, there will be no bi-partisanship.  This means that the entire council will be republican because as Mayor, Jack Archibald will appoint someone to fill his council seat.  What can we expect?  Certainly not positive change; more likely, no change and a closed system to the citizens.

The fresh ideas and new directions will come from new leadership: Randi LeGrice as Mayor and Roy Dellosso and businessman Chuck Lero as councilmen. Their experience and commitment to the Boro of Atlantic Highlands can bring real change because they sincerely want to serve the residents and do what is best for all of us.


Margaret Moro