Here in Monmouth County, we’ve seen a lot of elected officials come and go.  We have been gifted with so many dedicated local public servants, and Councilman Kevin Kane, who has served on the Freehold Council for 14 years, stands out as someone who is willing to collaborate and listen to the people around him. He will work for the best outcome for all residents.  Kevin has a vested interest in his town and his community, and it definitely shows.

This year, Kevin is running for Monmouth County Clerk, and I can think of no one better to oversee our county’s elections and record-keeping.  Kevin has always been bipartisan and willing to seek compromise and cooperation as a councilman, so I have no doubt he would bring an unbiased approach to the Clerk’s Office, which is so sorely needed now.

I’m excited about the prospect of a responsible manager, experienced local official, and all-around good guy.

Kevin Kane has my vote for Monmouth’s County Clerk.  I have no doubt he would be a fantastic clerk, and I hope my fellow Monmouth County residents will agree.


Dee Cantalice
Millstone, NJ