To the editor:

Last night the Two River Times held a public forum at the Red Bank Catholic High School to address pedestrian and public safety. Unfortunately a large part of the public was excluded from the event because the location is not accessible for people with disabilities.  My spouse asked the TRT two weeks ahead of time if the location was accessible.  Just three and one half hours before the meeting, we received the reply that the location was not accessible, and it was not feasible to find another location.

There are many steps up to the  public area of the meeting. This  is in clear violation of multiple state  and federal laws including the 25-year-old Americans with Disabilities Act.  It is outrageous that in this day and age a  public meeting is not accessible,  particularly a meeting to address pedestrian safety issues.  Who needs this more than seniors and others with slower mobility?

After addressing this issue at the meeting (acting as a proxy for my spouse who was excluded) and discussing it with a RBC official, the moderator told me that I was "off topic."  What is off topic about a public meeting that excludes a part of the public?

This incident only spurs us on to do more to achieve full equality for people with disabilities.

John C.Schwebel, Ph.D.
Director of Technology
Leonardo, NJ