Dear Taxpayers,

For 18 years, Monmouth County’s Clerk’s Office was under the leadership of Claire French, who helped modernize the clerk’s office and oversaw elections. Her successor, the Christie-appointed Christine Hanlon, has been less than spectacular. She’s a favorite of Christie, and has raised money for him and many other Republicans in the past.

The Clerk’s Office oversees our county’s elections, so while it is worrying to have someone so clearly partisan in charge of this task, I’m much more distressed by Hanlon’s skewed priorities. On her first day in office, she attempted to buy $100,000 worth of new furniture for her office with taxpayer money. The conference table alone cost $7,000! It makes absolutely no sense to use tax money on luxury furniture while some Monmouth residents still struggle with rising taxes. She eventually cancelled the purchase after the press questioned her, but if that is how Christine Hanlon is willing to behave on her very first day, then I cannot imagine what she would do with a five-year term as County Clerk.

I hope my fellow voters will join me on November 3rd in sending a message that an irresponsible administrator like Christine Hanlon cannot be allowed to remain as County Clerk.


J.J. Mistretta
Freehold Township