Dear Editor,
Monmouth County residents pay some of the highest property taxes in the entire country. Yet, our county officials feel comfortable using the county coffers as their own personal expense account.

On her very first day in office the newly appointed County Clerk Christine Hanlon’s number one priority was to freshen up her office with $100,000 worth of new furniture….every penny of it coming from the pockets of taxpayers. How could a county official think this is appropriate?

Christine Hanlon does not belong in public office.  How many Monmouth County taxpayers have spent $100,000 on furniture in their entire lifetime? Christine Hanlon was comfortable signing that check on her first day. What is she going to do for the rest of her term?

Let’s hope her term ends with the election in November.


Judy Bretzger
Eatontown NJ


[editor's note: Mrs. Hanlon signed an purchase order for new furniture for her office on her first day in office.  That order had been in the works prior to her taking office.  She later cancelled the order, opting instead to update and modernize scanning and printing equipment for the Clerk's Office.  Funding for the equipmentment comes from a fund, set up the legislature and paid for with filing fees, for the express purpose of buying office furniture and equipment.]