Given the state of personal finances these days, most people have little, if any, margin for error- especially with healthcare costs.  Health insurance only covers a network of healthcare providers.  But out-of-network care can be crippling in its expense.  As such, most people are careful to stay in their network.

However, caution and care often aren’t enough.  A heart attack victim cannot choose the Emergency Room they go to.  An out-of-network hospital or physician will still mail them a huge medical bill.  And sometimes, in-network hospitals use out-of-network specialists without telling anyone.  People enter surgery thinking they are covered, and come out $30,000 in debt. 

Surprise medical bills leave a trail of financial destruction- drained bank accounts, underwater credit scores, and exhausting lawsuits. 

NJ legislation recently stalled which would protect us from surprise medical bills. It would protect you from financial and other stresses that hurt you and your family. It would set up a fair arbitration system. Is this really too much to ask on behalf of consumers?

AARP supports moving this bill to Governor Christie for his signature. We deserve peace of mind, not political gridlock.     

Ravindra Kumar
AARP Volunteer
Kendall Park, NJ