Dear Editor,

Nepotism has long been a problem across New Jersey politics. But Middletown Township in Monmouth County has become one of the most glaring examples, due to the Massell family.

Stephen Massell is an elected member of the Township Council. The Township Council appointed his brother, Gerald Massell as Municipal Prosecutor. He has his law office at 222 Hwy 35, which is owned by their father, Jerry Massell (a retired Workman's Compensation Judge).  Office space is rented in the same building to Richard Thompson, the Municipal Court Judge, also appointed by the Township Council. Stephen Massell’s wife, Emily Massell is employed as a secretary in her brother-in-law Gerald’s law office.

These are very clear conflicts of interest. The Massell family is getting rich off of politics and the Middletown Township Republican Party has enabled this personal enrichment at the expense of taxpayers.

Eric Hafner
Toms River