Well it's been almost a month since the State of New Jersey's Red Light Camera Pilot Program shut down on NJ roads. An estimated 10,000 traffic lights continue to turn red but now NJ drivers have less stress driving without those 83 Red Light Cameras.

Beware NJ residents, the Right Turn On Red, Red Light Camera Cash Cow could soon peak it's head out this spring after the 4th Annual NJ DOT Red Light Camera Report is released.

The red light camera industry will continue to spin that there is an 86% reduction in right angle crashes. This is just from two Newark Red Light Camera intersections. It does not represent all 83 Red Light Camera intersections. With some simple open public records requests, I can show any second grader how the 86% number is incorrect.

Why will the Right Turn On Red, Red Light Camera Cash Cow reappear? Well it's simple, you have an estimated 10 to 12 million dollars a month cash stream awaiting the 25 old red light camera towns. In addition they could be adding 36 new red light camera towns. It's all about the money. Seven other states have given the boot to the Red Light Camera Industry and hopefully the NJ Red Light Camera Program will continue to be non-existent and we can drive normally and stress free.

Rick Short
Cherry Hill