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Dear Editor,

I was horrified to learn that the Middletown Township Committee in Monmouth County is planning on directing residents to utilize "faith-based" organizations, when seeking assistance with what they describe as "everything from storm recovery to substance abuse services to household finance".

In this country, there is a separation of church and state. The Middletown Township Committee goes onto state that they are going to determine "faith-based organizations capable of collaborating with the township". This sounds like Middletown Township will be providing a preference to certain religious groups over others.

Given how high the property taxes that my parents pay on the family home in Middletown are, I am offended that the all-Republican township committee is not willing to allocate funds to helping the most vulnerable members our community, yet there is always money to give high-paid jobs to the politically-connected.

Government has a responsibility in providing for the social welfare of it’s people. It is a sad reflection on our society's moral compass when a township that spends so much money on high salaries for the well-connected and settling lawsuits for police chiefs accused of racism, is categorically unwilling to assist it's citizens in need, especially around the holidays.

Justin Cooke
Middletown, NJ / Boulder, CO