To Whom It May Concern:  

As an Atlantic Highlands (NJ) resident and long-time Sandy Hook patron, preserving and improving on Sandy Hook National Seashore is very important to me.  Superstorm Sandy did inestimable damage to our Bayshore area, with The Hook taking the brunt of that hit.  Recovery over the past two years has been great, but there is still a long way to go.

I buy my yearly beach pass each spring as part of the rites of that season.  While I never want to see prices go up at the supermarket or the gas station, I do not mind at all paying for the preservation of beauty. Sandy Hook National Seashore is a thing of beauty and should not only be preserved, but also enhanced.  I fully support the proposed increase in fees at the park and look forward to seeing and enjoying that which those additional fees can do for one of my very favorite places on earth!

Good luck and best regards!

John Gabrielson 
Atlantic Highlands, NJ