Earlier this week you had an article about proposed fee increases at National Seashore facilities, including Sandy Hook.  You asked for reader responses and provided an e-mail address for those responses.  I tried using that address through your site, and then tried simply writing an e-mail using the address the article provided.  All to no avail; each attempt came back as undeliverable.

Is there another e-mail address or link by which I can show support for Sandy Hook and its proposed fee increase?  I'm a long-time Hook lover and would like my voice heard on the issue.


John Gabrielson
Atlantic Highlands


[editor:  The press release from the National Park Service published in the Herald on November 20 contained an incorrect email address for comments to the Park Service about proposed fee increases.  The article has been updated with the correct e-mail address and another article  about the increases from the National Park Service has been published today. ]