Dear Editor,

After last Saturday's pro-marijuana rally in Trenton where over 250 attended and most publicly smoked marijuana in defiance of unjust laws, it is clear our state government has fallen behind the public view on marijuana policy.

We have an ineffective medical marijuana program that is so overly restrictive, most bona fide patients are still unable to legally access their medicine and our state still arrests people for possession of a small amount of marijuana, whereas the rest of the world is legalizing.

Toms River Township should pass an ordinance making the enforcement of all marijuana possession, paraphernalia, sale, growing and usage laws the lowest law enforcement priority for the Toms River Police Department. This would allow our township police to better utilize their limited resources on more pertinent matters.

A "Toke in Toms River" campaign could encourage tourists to come visit a marijuana tolerant Jersey Shore community with beautiful beaches, a thriving downtown, great events and festivals, a shopping mall and world-class higher education institutions. Lenient pot enforcement could create jobs, leading to a stronger local economy with lower taxes.

Eric Hafner
Toms River