Trying to make Holmdel Committee and Planning Board  evening meetings sometimes is difficult, This summer’s August 8, 8 AM Friday morning “special meeting “ held to approve Somerset’s / Toll Brothers' plans (PILOT/Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) for Alcatel/Lucent was virtually impossible for any working Holmdelian to attend.

According to the Mayor and Committee, the August 8, 8 AM Friday meeting was scheduled to coincide with the Freeholders’ approval for the development of Alcatel/Lucent's 400 plus acres of the Swimming River Reservoir watershed lands Since then, every single member of the Holmdel Township Committee and Mayoral appointed Boards have consistently unanimously step lock voted in favor of all applications for the Alcatel/Lucent builders.

In the ‘80s, the bipartisan Board of Freeholders upheld low growth planning for and non-sewering of environmentally sensitive areas as watershed protections for the county’s potable water supplies. Since the ‘90s and until recent times Holmdel’s bipartisan Township Committee held to the same sane principles.

What has changed in recent years is that the Freeholders and HolmdelTownship's governing body are no longer bi-partisan elected entities. More often than not, all one way partisan governments operate in the best interests if their political affiliations.  One sided single minded governments fuel myopic decisions, imprudent polices, are not good government and do not function in the best interests of the public.

November 2014 voters have a chance to end the imbalance of one way voting government locally and at the County level.


William Goodman
Holmdel, NJ