To whom it may concern:

As President of Monmouth County Historical Association, I have seen and appreciated the dedication Freeholder Director Lillian Burry has consistently exhibited toward both regional and national history preservation. Director Burry’s support of all efforts to preserve the rich history of Monmouth County is unequalled and diversified.

The Director has been generous in her praise of our Association and helpful in all of our ongoing efforts to preserve five outstanding architectural masterpieces that figure so strongly in Monmouth County history, as well as a Museum with changing exhibitions and a Library.

Such leadership, especially to those of us who put such a high value on historic preservation, is noteworthy and indeed something to be cherished..And preserved.

I wholeheartedly support Freehold Director Burry’s continued efforts on behalf of Monmouth County and express the thanks of thousands who have been better educated and have been increasingly appreciative of the great county in which we live because of her attention and support.


Claire M. Knopf

President, Monmouth County Historical Association