Dear Editor,
The federal courts have been very clear on the issue of sports betting in New Jersey: Unless Congress changes the law, it is still considered illegal gambling when conducted in New Jersey.

This decision does not prevent New Jersey from choosing to remove state level penalties against the practice, but the federal criminal laws remain fully valid and enforceable.

In violating federal gaming laws, Monmouth Park has become a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization under 18 U.S.C. ยง 1961. Dennis Drazin, a licensed attorney and Fair Haven resident has now effectively become the region's largest organized crime boss in his role as Chairman of Monmouth Park.

Financial institutions would be wise to close any bank accounts associated with Dennis Drazin and/or Monmouth Park. A financial institution that knowingly processes transactions for illegal gambling operations commits the offense of money laundering and their staff could face stiff prison sentences, in addition to fines and asset forfeiture.

A law license is not a license to engage in criminality. Dennis Drazin's conduct is a stunning violation of his role as an officer of the court and his license to practice law should be immediately suspended.

The US Attorney's office should send the clear message that organized crime will not be tolerated in the District of New Jersey under any circumstance, by arresting Dennis Drazin, seizing his assets and sending him to federal prison for a long time.

Eric Hafner
Toms River