When it comes to local government, results matter. We want our taxes stable, and our government responsive to our needs. For two terms as Mayor of Marlboro, I’ve worked with our town council to do what’s good for Marlboro families and businesses. We have the best schools in Monmouth County and local businesses are flourishing.

In Marlboro, we’ve shown that there is no Republican or Democrat way to fill a pothole. I’ve never vouched for any candidates on the county level before. In fact, I've purposely avoided endorsements. It would take candidates that I’m completely confident about for me to publicly support them. But when Larry Luttrell and Joe Grillo asked me for my endorsement in their race for Monmouth County Freeholder, I had no hesitation.

I endorse Larry Luttrell and Joe Grillo for Monmouth County Freeholder because they are good for Marlboro and good for Monmouth County.

I know Larry and Joe. Like me, they are business owners, not politicians - common sense guys who hate waste and corruption. Luttrell and Grillo have specific ideas on how to save tax dollars. They will conduct a county-wide operational audit to identify cost savings all around the county. They will reinstate the County Board of Ethics (which was abolished by their opponents) so we can eliminate corruption and political patronage. Larry and Joe will continue countywide what we have started here in Marlboro.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 4th. I ask that you cast your vote for Larry Luttrell and Joe Grillo for Monmouth County Freeholder - that's Column B on your ballot.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Jon Hornik, Mayor
Marlboro, NJ