Ms. Mack comments that:  “It is an abrogation of responsibility by the NPS to consider removing significant amounts of native trees, including American Hollies that have survived for several hundred years.

While I agree that existing structures should be re-used if at all adaptable to NPS’s needs, recreational use of Sandy Hook and preservation of habitat depends on ongoing maintenance by NPS.  They need appropriate facilities to fulfill that function. 

It should be recognized that the Tent City site is not in its “native” state, but is essentially an overgrown rubble-filled lot similar to much of modern-day Detroit.  During WWII and after it housed thousands of U.S. troops.  While not insignificant, preservation of the Tent City site in its current state may well be less important than giving NPS the ability to meet its mission.

Richard C. King

Monmouth Hills

Highlands, NJ