Dear Editor,

Usually subsidized housing goes to the poor or elderly, but in Monmouth County it goes to select public employees – most who make over $100,000 a year in salary and benefits. Under a deal supported by Freeholders Bury and Rich, these public workers pay only a few hundred dollars a month for homes that should rent for thousands.

I’m a college student that has loans to pay off and a tuition that continues to go on the rise. I don’t get any help from the county to pay for my apartment for which I have to pay eight hundred dollars a month. I may not have a fancy job, but I work hard for every dollar I make and do not approve of our tax dollars going to the county to help pay for their beautiful homes.

It’s expensive to live in Monmouth County and I think our tax dollars should only go towards things of importance that will benefit everyone living here. Subsidized housing for high paid county workers is just wrong.

Emily Falk