Dear Editor,
Disgraced former Brookdale Community College President Peter F. Burnham (previously of Colts Neck) will soon be up for parole after serving two years of a five year sentence - most of which has been served in a South Jersey halfway house.

Mr. Burnham plead guilty to theft by deception and official misconduct felony charges after he was found to have stolen and misused countless tens of thousands of dollars in county college funds as a personal piggybank for resort vacations and designer personal items.

Unlike many of his fellow convicted felons, Burnham does not have the excuse of a disadvantaged life nor a lack of education as a mitigating factor for his serious crimes. Burnham already lived a life of luxury as a well-respected high ranking education official with a PhD next to his name, but still felt compelled to steal his way to more.

The State Parole Board should send a strong message to public officials who violate the public trust by putting Peter Burnham back in prison where he belongs for the remainder of his sentence. No parole for Burnham.

Eric Hafner
Toms River