Dear Editor,

The recent internal party election of Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden as Chairman of the Monmouth County Republican Party raises serious concerns that the insular system of patronage and corruption within the county party, previously referred to as Club Monmouth, is back in business.

The federal investigation into New Jersey corruption known as Operation Bid Rig is still active and since it’s inception, the federal government has proven time and time again that corruption is still alive and well in New Jersey.

Monmouth County politics is a very dirty business and both posts that Mr. Golden now hold have a history of serious corruption allegations.

You cannot be an unbiased law enforcement official and a New Jersey political operative at the same time. I am concerned that as Chairman, Mr. Golden may be inclined to misuse his law enforcement position for political purposes and to help shield other politicians from criminal prosecution for corrupt acts.

In the early 2000s, former Monmouth County Prosecutor John Kaye was alleged by federal officials to have misused his position to tip off elected Republicans about the impending Operation Bid Rig investigation. Could this happen again?

Shame on everyone in the Monmouth County Republican Party who created this mess of inappropriate dual-office holding.

It would be a huge embarrassment to the Republican Party if Mr. Golden meets the same fate as former Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas, who is currently under federal indictment for felony fraud and theft related charges.

Eric Hafner
Toms River