Dear Editor,

I recently read about union leaders suing Ocean County College and college president Dr. Jon Larson.

While I am no position to comment on the merits of this civil business dispute, I can attest that any personal attacks on the moral character of Dr. Larson are entirely baseless and malicious attacks on a true leader who lives everyday as a positive example to others and challenges those around him to hold themselves to a higher standard.

After Superstorm Sandy, I was without a place to live and needed to finish the semester. Having been personally devastated by the storm and without financial support from my own father who has chosen not to support my higher education, Dr. Larson and his lovely wife Judy opened the doors of their own home to ensure I had a caring, supportive home to stay nearby campus thereby personally ensuring my academic success.

Dr. Jon Larson is a true educational visionary and exemplary leader for the continued growth and prosperity of Ocean County College. Any libelous attempts to slander the good character of the Larson family are examples of typical New Jersey political mudslinging against a model leader with a spotless record of success.

I am proud to stand with Dr. Larson along with his wise, caring leadership of the Ocean County College family and I look forward to the courts throwing out this frivolous lawsuit. In fact, if Monmouth County wishes to begin to repair it's infamously troubled Brookdale Community College, the best way would be to transfer control of the institution to Ocean County College and the leadership of Dr. Jon Larson.

Eric Hafner
Toms River