west side lofts 1The West Side Lofts project is now in full swing and being in business and living in the middle of a construction site you might think would be an issue.  It is not really, if anything it is a major learning experience.  I view the entire site from my upstairs apartment and am in awe of the amount of engineering, construction and attention to detail that Eric Wood Mont and Chris Cole are putting into this project. 

The parking garage went up in a matter of weeks in huge concrete sections.  A number of months followed with the laying of pipes for electric and sewer lines for the 41 apartments, brew pub and retail spaces.  Tons of concrete have gone into exterior foundations for support and tons more for flooring with dozens of men working from early morning to dusk.  Eight story high cranes are now lifting prefab steel walls into place.  The only other structure that is equal in design and construction is the Two River Theater built 8 years ago.   Steel beams will be lifted into place soon; their location earmarked by the squares in the concrete flooring which I believe will support the four story complex along with the brew pub.

In a matter of months the task of finishing the inside of the apartments, retail and brew pub will begin. The apartments will be elegant with roof top club rooms.  The retail space will be designated to the arts and antiques and Triumph Brew Pub will add to the restaurants in the district.    Having lived the West Side of Town, now known as the Arts Antique District, for most of life and being in business here 44 years I have seen the transition of both the Downtown District and the A & A District. 

west side lofts 2

We are about to embark on a major transformation in the A & A District as the building of the West Side Lofts is completed.  In the district we will have 12 restaurants, two theaters, antique dealers and numerous art related retail stores. The A & A District will be come a major destination from Manhattan, Staten Island, North Jersey and of course Monmouth and Ocean County. Red Bank will now have two distinct districts to make Red Bank a destination of choice.  We also have a parking plan on the table that we have been working on with the town, local businesses and Rivercenter for almost two years now.