Dear Editor,

As a seriously-ill legal medical marijuana patient, I am outraged that the Boroughs of Rumson and Fair Haven have contracted with Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini's organization, Prevention First to provide a "resource room" on drug, alcohol and bullying issues.

Assemblywoman Angelini is a charlatan dressed as a nice lady. She has profited off of her organization's prohibitionist agenda and is funded by big pharma. Angelini has put her personal profits before sick patients. This evil assemblywoman fought tooth and nail against medical marijuana for seriously-ill patients and has continued to do everything in her power to destroy the program.

Some of Angelini's business associates with ties to the drug testing and rehab industries are believed to be affiliated with Church of Scientology front organizations. It is very scary to potentially have such a dangerous group being given direct access to young people in our local communities.

Angelini's shady business dealings with Prevention First are no stranger to ethical controversy. Ken Wolski, a Registered Nurse and Executive Director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey has filed State Assembly ethics complaints against her in the past due to her personal business conflict of interest in so-called, "drug treatment and prevention" funding legislation.

We need real healthcare based solutions to the role psychoactive substances play in our communities. Assemblywoman Angelini and the prohibitionist ideology of the Church of Scientology that Prevention First is in lockstep with are not the answer to our society's problems.

Eric Hafner
Toms River