I am here to tell you that the sky isn’t falling - as Verizon spokesman Lee Giercynski implied – but that reliability and service certainly could be negatively impacted.

Affordable and reliable landline service is a legal right for New Jersey residents and one that many depend on. Landline phone service is essential for home security systems, life-alert systems, and general lifelines for many people in New Jersey.

As an AARP member I worry about being stranded in my home with no way to contact 911 if another storm like Sandy hits. Extreme weather in previous storms across the country has resulted in thousands of dropped calls to 911.

We must all call on the Board of Public Utilities to stop Verizon from replacing reliable essential landline service with a wireless replacement (Voice Link) that is not only more expensive, but unreliable.

Rona Sutton
AARP Volunteer

Monroe, NJ