The following article was posted on the online newspaper, "The Atlantic Highlands Herald" this weekend. It uses horrible stereotypes and unfounded and disproven bias to paint the LGBT population in an extremely negative light. It is posted as an "opinion piece", and I would like to show the editor that this opinion spreads bigotry and hate.

The Boy Scouts of America ban gay members and leaders. The Governor of New Jersey vetoed marriage equality, while claiming these actions do not cause bigotry. This article is an example of what these policies enforce – hate. Hate is not what we stand for in New Jersey, yet here it is in print, here is the bias that we face on a daily basis. It is time for change, it is time for the Boy Scouts to change their policy of discrimination, and it is time for our legislators to do the right thing and override the governor’s veto that denies us equality.

Hate is not welcome in our state.

Jo Grazide
Middletown, NJ