As a resident of Atlantic Highlands I took offence to the War on Boy scouts article.  I agree it is a controversial issue, but the author used hate and misinformation as the basis of his writings.   I am gay and live in AH with my partner like many other gays an lesbians I know.  We enjoy the town, beaches, restaurants and casual lifestyle the same as my straight neighbors.  When I read articles in my local paper that include such hate as "gays see a rich recruiting ground in the Scouts for their perverted lifestyle", I know it does not represent the truth and the love I find in the Highlands.  Based on  his article I assume Mr. Zimmerman would welcome Jerry Sandusky, who was not gay, when he picked up his children for a weekend camping trip.

I will continue to live my happy life in Atlantic Highlands and I am sure Mr. Zimmerman will continue to live his miserable life under a rock.  I just hope that the AH Herald would understand they need to write for all their residents and not be a vehicle for misinformation and hate.

John McBride
Atlantic Highlands, NJ