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   The Democratic campaign invites you, your family and everyone supportive in town your know to rally around our two incumbent Borough Councilmen, BOB SUTTON & ROY DELLOSSO, at our annual pre-victory cocktail party-buffet-rally at the Shore Casino on the evening of Sunday, Nov. 4th.

   We are also hopeful the Congressman FRANK PALLONE and the county Democratic candidates, BILL SHEA & KEVIN LAVAN for county freeholders and MICHAEL STEINHORN for county clerk, will also be on hand.

   Please encourage all your friends and neighbors to join BOB & ROY for drinks, eats and short speeches on the 4th. After six years in your service and many accomplishments, they are worthy of your continued support and you are deserving of continued two-party municipal government. Let's keep our local government bi-partisan.


   Democratic municipal chairman
   Atlantic Highlands, NJ