JCP&L and other electric companies in the state are allowed to charge customers rates intended to cover the costs of providing reliable electric service while affording them a reasonable profit.  Based on evidence unearthed by an expert consultant hired on behalf of the NJ Division of Rate Counsel, however, JCP&L may be overcharging customers by as much as $90 million a year.  Recently, AARP launched its JCP&L: Show Us The Money campaign, and has been collecting signatures of concerned ratepayers at the campaign website,  Since launching on May 30, over 1,500 petitions have been collected for delivery to the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), the agency tasked with protecting ratepayers from unreasonable and excessive charges.  AARP has called upon the BPU to order JCP&L to file a base rate case and have its books examined, but the board voted at its meeting in June to defer a decision until this month.  It has already been six years since JCP&L was last reviewed, and ratepayers simply cannot afford to wait any longer. The next BPU hearing is July 18, and we hope that board will make the decision to compel JCP&L to open its books. 

Katherine Wullert

AARP Volunteer

Bridgewater, NJ