Dear Editor,

While facing a prosecution in Middletown Township Municipal Court relating to my usage of Medical Marijuana (that my doctor in California recommends I use in the treatment of my serious illness) I have become aware of some facts regarding the operation of the court that draws into serious question whether or not any defendant can receive a fair trial in Middletown Township.

The Municipal Prosecutor is Gerald Massell, Esq. His brother is Deputy Mayor Steve Massell. A member of the Middletown Township Council has great influence over who is hired as Municipal Prosecutor.

The Judge in the Middletown Township Municipal Court is Judge Richard B. Thompson. His private law office is located at 222 Highway 35, (Middletown Township) Red Bank, NJ 07701, a building that appears to be a small residential home that was converted into offices.

Guess who else has their law office at 222 Highway 35? If you guessed Municipal Prosecutor Gerald Massell, Esq. then you're right!

Real Estate records show that an Elizabeth Massell of 34 Concord Ct, Red Bank NJ 07701 owns said property.

In Municipal Court in New Jersey, there is no jury. Cases are tried exclusively before a judge.

New Jersey and Cronyism. Perfect together.

Eric Hafner

North Hollywood, California