Dear Editor 

It really gets my goat when I read all the great things happening around Keansburg, N.J.

Gosh Darn! The Monmouth County/New Jersey Congressman Is helping the beaches all around Keansburg but never does anything for Keansburg - although the berm in Keansburg collapsed in the hurricane and is still from what I'm told, still broken and collapsed.  (Pallone Announces $12.3 Million for Beach Replenishment in Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach) But everybody else got help. I guess they have bigger pockets, better places for luncheons' to BS about what the State/Congressman is doing for the Bayshore. 

Take a ride in Keansburg, go to their council meetings. ( Bring a Barf Bag ) All the people on the council say the same over and over again, well, "We'll have to bring that to the table for a vote."

Dear editor they are all at the BARS, not the table in the council room! 

Maybe it's time someone just said it's time to vote the council out and bring in the State to help Keansburg.

Four of the neighbors by us in Keansburg moved South but we still have connections in Keansburg and care, unlike the town itself. 

Jake Charles
Keansburg, NJ