‘Everyone deserves a second chance because no life is disposable’ said the Governor.  So perfectly said!! I thank you Governor Christie for recognizing how important it is for this State to help those afflicted with the terrible disease of addiction.  These words will give so many families a light of hope that there may be help for their children on the horizon.  

My son Sal was not alone when he overdosed, but whomever was with him was afraid to call for help for the very reason of possible legal repercussions.  Sal’s death could have been prevented if the person or persons that were using with him would have just called 911 for help – but they didn’t, most likely for fear of legal repercussions.  My son was left alone to die – I lost my son, and my grandson lost his Daddy – No one should be afraid to save a life by calling 911, no matter what the circumstances are. 

Please, take a moment to view the attached video.  No one should be left alone to die!

Patty DiRenzo
Blackwood, NJ