As Governor Chris Christie prepares next year’s state budget, AARP calls on the Governor and legislature to ensure that the budget addresses NJ’s excessively high property taxes, and includes support for the many people in our state who need the help that key programs provide.

New Jersey continues to have the highest property taxes in the nation. This is nothing to be proud of; it is the major problem to be addressed. Gov. Christie and the legislature have made significant progress in slowing the rate of increase, but more work needs to be done. The Homestead Rebate Credit should be fully restored to help residents pay their highest in the nation property taxes. The Senior Property Tax Freeze should be fully funded as well.

Additionally, safety net programs must be retained, including PAAD and Senior Gold. Many low- and middle-income residents depend on these programs to help pay for their prescriptions. Family Care must continue to enable our citizens to afford the basic necessities, including healthcare. We must ensure that our citizens have the health care they need and that they can afford their property taxes so they can live securely in their homes. Nothing could be more important.


Dave Mollen
State President
AARP New Jersey