Do you want to know where the candidates stand on the issues you care about?  Do you pay property taxes and need help?  Are you caring for a loved one who needs long-term care services but doesn’t want to or can’t afford to go to a nursing home? 

Voters of all ages should check out the AARP Voters’ Guide and find out what the candidates are saying about property tax relief and other key issues.

AARP recently sent out a non-partisan questionnaire to New Jersey’s candidates for the Senate and Assembly asking for their stances on a variety of issues including affordable utilities, long-term care services and property tax relief.  These are issues that affect all New Jersey residents. Their responses are published in our Voters’ Guide, and are available on the AARP website——for AARP members and non-members alike.

I urge you to make an educated decision by looking at these responses to see where your candidate stands on the issues.


Mandy Damoah

AARP Advocacy Intern

Sayreville, NJ