I would like to take a moment to commend Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore and the Middletown Township Administration for their preparation and response to Hurricane Irene.  As a resident of Port Monmouth, my home had lost power for several days following the storm.  While JCP&L may have kept us in the dark, the Township’s continual communication through emails, text messaging, and phone calls were critically important in keeping us informed with up to the minute information.  I would urge everyone to sign up for these important alerts at the Middletown Township website.

I also want to thank Mayor Fiore for his leadership throughout the storm.  Whether it was delivering meals to those who were still days without power or obtaining the proper response from JCP&L to prioritize Middletown Township, Mayor Fiore’s efforts truly exemplify someone who puts Middletown first.


Erin Bernstein

Port Monmouth, NJ