I live in the Wyndmoor Condos on Portland Road in Highlands.  It is now after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 2nd.  Most of the power in Highlands has been restored to my knowledge although I haven't been home since last Friday's evacuation because we still do not have power at Wyndmoor!

Apparently, there is a controversy between JCP&L and Verizon about wiring on our Street and who is responsible to pick up the downed telephone pole or something to that effect.  I have called, e-mailed and written to JCP&L and Verizon as well as to Senator Sean Kean of District 11 and other various politicians to ask for assistance. 

I have received zero replies and we still have no power.  No one is even working on it!!!   What's the story?  Does anyone know???   HELP!!!!!


Thank you.

Joanne Weisbecker
Highlands, NJ