The debt deal should not comfort anyone expecting to rely upon Social Security or Medicare. The fact that they were both left untouched in the first round of cuts does not mean they are safe.  While compromise is generally an admirable quality, one that caves in to the current push for entitlement cuts puts millions of lives at risk. Cuts in these vital programs jeopardize the health and financial security of our most vulnerable citizens: the elderly and disabled.

In New Jersey alone, 1.4 million residents receive Social Security income, and of these, 22% rely upon it for at least 90% of their income. Any reduction in benefits will strain them to the limit. As a voter, an AARP member, and a member of the elderly community, I am appalled that Congress would consider cutting Social Security and Medicare at all.

I, myself, will not stand for it. Congress should know that they cannot get away with auctioning off our hard earned benefits. Voters must tell Congress that there will be consequences for settling a deal at our expense. If they cut our benefits, we will not forget at the ballot box.


Claire Edelman

AARP Outreach Volunteer

Monroe Township, NJ