The debate is over in the State House. After making cuts of $1.3 billion to the budget passed by legislators, Governor Christie signed into law the new state budget. Governor Christie slashed funding from Medicaid, nursing homes, and impoverished municipalities; however, once the ink from his veto pen dried, the Senior Property Tax Reimbursement Program remained intact and got the funding Democrats set aside for it.

Over the past month, AARP and its members have worked tirelessly to make their voices heard. They have written letters, made phone calls and kept constant pressure on state legislators to provide full funding for the Property Tax Reimbursement Program. Many state newspapers also contributed to this effort by publishing editorials and features about the program. This media presence did not go unnoticed. The power of the press prevailed.

In the face of devastating cuts elsewhere, Governor Christie deserves credit for sticking to his word and preserving funding for the Property Tax Reimbursement Program and increasing the Homestead credit.


Kevin Hawryluk

Princeton Junction

AARP Volunteer