The mayor "received a lot of calls asking us not to pass the proposal" to suspend the open space penny. So not to make it a campaign issue, the Council then followed the instructions of Mayor Rast, and voted down the suspension which the Council had unanimously voted in favor of weeks earlier. We the people won!!!! Mayor, who had the facts wrong? We should be thankful that we have "would be office holders", The Shade Tree Commission, the Environmental Commission, and progressive residents like Benson Chiles, among many others too many to name. And they all, fortunately, find time to attend as everyday citizens a council meeting or two, and even write about it in the newspaper to bring issues to the attention of all citizens. Otherwise, the mayor would run completely unchecked as he, I am sure, would prefer.

My letter was 232 words, and excited the town about something important. The Rast response was over 1000 words of negativity that remains out of sync with the townspeople. Simply, our town is now safer from Mayor Rast's attacks on open space. Mayor, you can write all you want, but it may be too late for you, because now "Me thinks you doth protest too much". Beware; you may see me at a Council meeting again before November.

Paul Cavise
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Mr. Cavise is the democratic candidate for Mayor of Atlantic Highlands

The letter is in response to letters to the editor in other publications from Mr. Rast and Mr. Cavise.