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I commend Freeholder John Curley for his diligence, courage and tenacity in bringing the Brookdale situation into the daylight and calling for meaningful change in both personnel and policy to correct the mess and assure that it will not happen again. We surely need more John Curleys and Chris Christies who openly confront a bad situation, acting on principle rather than politics.

While I do not condone the shenanigans at Brookdale, I must say that the President, Chief Financial Officer and Chairman of the Board of Trustees did the right thing in stepping down.

What is disappointing is the failure of the other trustees to follow the lead of those who did step down. Their “business as usual” attitude is really upsetting. Bearing in mind that the Chairman is just one trustee, and that the board members were in office when the president’s contract was signed, and all the other activities took place, it is incumbent for them to gracefully step aside and make room for those who will monitor the activities and finances of this wonderful college.

Mr. Curley has called on the trustees to step down – and they should do exactly that.

Absent their voluntary resignations, the Freeholders should take any and all legal steps to remove them and start over with a fresh, new board.

Jim Hinckley

Lincroft, NJ