Along with dozens of Rutgers students, I'm currently occupying President McCormick's office, and we're sitting in until our University President finally takes a stand with students by speaking out against the devastating tuition hikes and shows respect for our workers.

E-mail McCormick to tell him to stop nickel and diming us, and call him at 848-932-7454 to demand he take a stand with students and workers!

Just last week, we held a walkout that drew over six hundred people to speak out against the proposed tuition hikes, which could amount to 10% next year! Today, we're taking a cue from USASers at the University of Wisconsin, who yesterday occupied their administrative building to also protest the privatization of their University and skyrocketing tuition. The average Rutgers student already graduates with $24,000 dollars worth of debt. We can't afford another tuition hike. At the same time, every worker on campus has been forced to have their salaries frozen even after making painful concessions. 

We want McCormick to give us a real voice in the University. After weeks of attempted dialogue, we're demanding once and for all that President McCormick keep Rutgers public and affordable and to respect all workers connected to our University, from those who clean our school to those who sew Rutgers apparel. 

Please call president McCormick's office at 848-932-7454 and e-mail him to let him know that you support students' fight for a public university that actually works for us.

Stand in solidarity with us, it will be a phone call well spent!

In Solidarity, 

Molly Magier
Rutgers United Students Against Sweatshops