Dear Editor:

As a medical professional, I hope the Senate will pass S. 2664, the Market Competition and Consumer Choice Act. Having a vibrant telecommunications market is critical to our state – especially for those of us working in the medical field. Ongoing advances in technology are revolutionizing the healthcare industry and improving patient care. Broadband is now driving how we share and access health information - enhancing efficiency, controlling costs and expediting the diagnostic process.

I fully support any endeavor which will free up resources for the telecommunications industry so that they can continue making the investments needed to bring innovative products and services to medical professionals across the state. I was disappointed to read Marilyn Askin’s 4/16 letter to the editor which wrongly implies that certain medical services for seniors will go away if this bill is enacted. Her commentary completely misses the mark and ignores the need to ensure telecommunications investments continue for the benefit of all patients young and old.

The Senate can promote investment and innovation here in New Jersey by passing S. 2664. I hope they don’t let this important opportunity pass them by. The medical field truly depends on it.


Thomas R. Ortiz, MD, FAAFP

Associate Professor of Family Medicine


Medical Director

Forest Hill Family Health Associates, PA

Newark,NJ 07104