"Gerrymandering is the process of representatives selecting their voters, instead of voters electing their representatives."

Gerrymandering hurts all voters and is a non-partisan issue.

Gerrymandering is illegal according to the NJ state constitution.

The current NJ district map is gerrymandered, and so is unconstitutional (illegal).

The People's Map is the only map submitted to date which is constitutional, and therefore the only map that's legal.

Which is better: an illegal map or a legal map? You decide.

Help end gerrymandering in NJ. We the people deserve better.

By definition, The People's Map follows strictly the NJ Constitution and cannot favor incumbents, thus giving challengers a fair chance. This is the concept on which our great nation is based: fair elections.

Imagine actually having fair elections in NJ!

* Do NJ voters want their votes invalidated by gerrymandering? No.
* Do NJ voters want incumbents protected? No.
* Do NJ voters want representatives selecting their constituents? No.
We The People want to elect our own representatives, not have them chosen for us by unaccountable committees dissolved years ago.

Let's get to work to end gerrymandering in NJ by calling the NJ Apportionment Commission today at the link below. Urge them politely to adopt The People's Map. The members need to hear that you are closely observing and expect them to select a constitutional map. The commission could select a map by the end of this week, so your call is needed today.

"Every now and then a local effort that is attainable comes our way and a window of opportunity opens for a short time. This is one of those times, right now! If we can influence the outcome of redistricting, the benefit will last for the next ten years. It’s that important. Please go to the Bayshore site below and call. Call more than one member, just for good measure."

Shelly Kennedy
Atlantic Highlands