Dear Editor,

With the state Dept of Health and Senior Services having licensed a Medical Marijuana Grow Site/Dispensary in Manalapan, I believe our Freeholders should impose the following on the county level.

- -An annual county level license to operate a medical marijuana grow site as well as a separate license to operate a retail location. I would recommend a $10,000 yearly fee for grow sites and $5,000 yearly fee for retail locations. This would be in addition to the state fees/requirements.

- -A $100 annual county level work permit required for each employee of such facility, issued by the Sheriff's Dept. This would be in addition to the state fees/requirements.

- -A 2% county tax on every sale of medical marijuana and a 4% county tax on every medical marijuana paraphernalia sale.

Talk about easy revenue for the county.



Eric Hafner
Red Bank, NJ