I, too, would like to urge the citizens of Atlantic Highlands to come out and attend the Atlantic Highlands Planning Board  meeting on Thursday evening to request that the planning board memorialize the resolution that Mrs. Frotton writes about in her letter.

I was at the planning board meeting when this project was discussed, mulled over and then ultimately approved.  The members of the planning board did their due diligence by questioning the developers of this project and members of the public were also invited to give their opinions. There were many citizens and members of the business community present at this meeting and their was not one negative comment made about the project. In fact,  everyone present was excited about the project because it would bring needed business traffic to the  Atlantic Highlands business district.

Mrs. Frotton was not present for this meeting. Neither were the others running around town,like chickens with their heads cut off, now complaining about the design of the building. Had they come to the last planning board meeting, they would have learned that the design of this building was done for the purpose rendering it energy efficient. It will also provide affordable housing that is so desperately needed here in Atlantic Highlands.

I think that the design of this building is great. It would fit in just fine with the other structures on First Avenue. Besides affordable housing, this building will feature two retail spaces on the bottom floor. One is already designated to be an art gallery operated by Mr. Robert O'Connor, the president of the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council.

Further, this project will transform a field of currently of weeds and vermin, into a place of beauty in our business district. It would also enhance and beautify the Second Avenue neighborhood behind the proposed development.

We all should be grateful that there are those people like these developers who are investing in our community. I would also like to thank the planning board members for having the vision to approve this project. Every member of the board voted in the affirmative to approve of this building.


Sincerely yours,


Joseph Hawley
Atlantic Highlands, NJ