danny murphy 120I love breakfast and looking for a great breakfast place or lunch is always a challenge as I am a food prude and foodie. A friend suggested the new Shapiro’s in the home of the former No Ordinary Joe’s. I thought the name Shapiro’s would be Italian but entering I realized it was a Jewish Deli serving breakfast, lunch and “dinner” on certain nights. Any place that serves a great marbled rye, seeded rye and health bread with breakfast is already a winner to me. A vegetable omelet with health toast and great breakfast potatoes were excellent. I will be going back for the Nova, bagel, cream cheese tomato and onion that when done well is a favorite of this Italian.

If you lived in Red Bank in the 60’s you would of course remember Ludwick’s Deli. A staple of Red Bank places to eat, there were pickles on the tables and they served the best corn beer, pastrami, Brisket, turkey and shrimp salad sandwiches. Ludwick’s was sold to new owners and eventually became Getano’s Italian restaurant. Those great sandwiches, Matzo ball soup, derma and potato Knishes were long missed by the people that loved these traditional dishes. Well, they are back at this new Deli.

Remodeled and comfortable the breakfast, lunch dinner menu are ample for just about any taste along with coffees, seltzer’s (in the old in NY they were called two cent plain) and chocolate egg creams. This is a welcome addition to Red Bank’s restaurants which I believe has the best selection of restaurants in Central Jersey.

Now if the local powers that be could figure out a parking program for the town, using available parking places with the proper signage and directions. Eventually a long overdue parking garage on White Street and great maps for out of towners would go a long way in supporting all our retail and dining community. Irwin’s Marina is installing automatic gates to protect his boat yard parking from the masses now filling Marine Park and any place they can find a spot to park. Also a number of boaters have found beer bottles etc from people sneaking on their boats at night. We can only hope something will change.